Portable Air Dock - Raft in a Bag

True Kit Air Dock can be used to extend the swim platform on your yacht or launch.  It can also be anchored out in a bay and used as a floating, mobile raft for swimming and jumping from.  Measuring 2.2m x 2.0m and 20cms thick there is plenty of room and buoyancy for a crowd.  Set it up with a couple of bean bags for evening cocktails in the bay or pool!  When you are ready to move on, simply pack it back down into the bag in minutes and discreetly stow it away. 

Our Air Docks have also been used as a compact, mobile and floating pasarelle or gangway for getting from your boat to the jetty.  Many kids regard the Air Dock as the "ultimate pool toy" - jump on it, slide on it, push each other off it!  They come with ample d-rings and handles to suit how you wish to use it.  Hand pump and bag included. 

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