True Kit Expedition - Inflatable Adventure Catamaran


  • Unique New Zealand design
  • Tunnel hull design with speed tubes for lift, low-drag and tracking
  • Fishing, diving, spearfishing, adventuring
  • Exhilarating performance, incredible handling
  • German Valmex® Fabric
  • Thermo-welded seams
  • Huge buoyancy and carrying capacity
  • Amazing stability
  • Grab handles and grab rope
  • Stow-away paddles
  • Incredibly compact design for the size of the boat

The brand new True Kit Expedition Adventure Cat was born for adventure.  It is the ideal platform for diving and fishing and big enough to take a group of friends out.   However, it is not for the faint-hearted.  It has been designed for speed, stability and high-performance - and it delivers!  With speed tubes underneath each main tube, the Expedition Catamaran gets increased lift and decreased drag and combined with the unique tunnel hull design it provides exhilarating performance.  And not just in a straight line either - the True Kit Expedition goes around corners like it’s on rails, so hang on!

As part of our new range, the Expedition Adventure Cat is made from the highest quality German made fabric available - Mehler Valmex®.  Of course we could have used a much cheaper material but True Kit Inflatables are built to last.  The tube seams are thermo-welded - the strongest pvc bond you can make.  We have turned an inflatable boat’s weakest point (the seams) into it’s strongest point.  Combine the world’s best fabric with the best construction and you have a boat built to last.  Go to sea confident that you are in the safest built inflatable boat we can produce.

The True Kit Expedition features a genuine tunnel hull design similar to the famous  thundercats born in the rough waters of South Africa.  Tunnel hulls provide incredible performance and at the same time a smooth ride and landing after waves.  They are also very low drag resulting in very fuel-efficient boats.  The Adventure Cat makes an ideal rescue boat, dive boat, fishing boat or just a watercraft to go out and blast around in.  

The smart closed and slightly upturned bow for this design makes for a much safer, more buoyant and drier boat than similar type boats.  As always, True Kit have paid attention to the details.  On the Expedition Cat we have provided ample reinforced hand holds and with this sort of performance, you’re going to need them.  2 paddles are discretely secured inside each tube with custom velcro paddle holders.  We have put the d-rings in the right places and an aluminium floor is standard.  In keeping with this style of boat we have kept with a clean, uncluttered layout.

The True Kit Expedition comes in Racing Red or Classic Grey - prepare to be dazzled!

Now adventures are available to everyone.

 Model TKE410
Length 4100mm
Beam 2000mm
Tube Diameter 500mm
Air Chambers 3
Floor Aluminium
Capacity 800kg
Persons 8
Maximum HP 30
Recommended HP 25
Weight 88kg
Colours Classic Grey or Racing Red

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