Navigator 300 v Discovery 280

November 18, 2019

Navigator 300 v Discovery 280

Putting the Navigator 300 up against the Discovery 280

Navigator 300Discovery 280

We discuss the merits of the Navigator versus the Discovery and put them to the test.

The Navigator 3.0m and the Discovery share many of the same attributes, namely:

  • Great looks!
  • Incredible stability
  • Very lightweight
  • Pack down into the bag to a similar size
  • Great performance with a small outboard
  • Row well
  • Tow well
  • High payload capacity
  • Easy and fast to set up or pack down
  • Highest quality Valmex® fabric
  • Thermo-welded seams
  • Catamaran platform sits flat on the deck
  • Stiff and rigid boat
  • Extra rubbing protection running the bottom of the tubes

Where the 2 boats differ is with the bow design.  The Navigator carries the high buoyancy all the way to the bow.  This means overall higher carrying capacity and you can sit passengers all the way up the front.  Alternatively, the Discovery has decreasing buoyancy towards the bow.  The great benefit of this is how easy these boats are to board from the water (have you ever tried climbing back into your inflatable from the water?).

Also, while the slightly larger Navigator has 2 aluminium bench seats, the Discovery 280 has just one.  As with all our boats, you can choose to not fit the seats and leave the cockpit completely open if you prefer.

So, what is your preference?  We have both in stock right now.

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