Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a True Kit inflatable over another inflatable?

When you choose a True Kit inflatable, you know you are buying a quality product, designed by boaties, for boaties.  There are cheaper and more expensive inflatable boats, there are also many generic off the shelf no-name boats out there.  The decision can be difficult, so let’s look at what sets True Kit apart. 

At True Kit we design and test every model ourselves, we manufacture our boats out of the best available materials using the best technology and systems available and we sell the boats direct to you.  In short, we bring you the best inflatable boat at the best value.  The people behind True Kit have been around boats all their lives, they use boats on a daily basis, and they bring this experience to every boat sold.

Why use the more expensive German made Valmex®?

We conducted extensive research before choosing Valmex® for our boats.  Valmex® is manufactured by Mehler Texnologies in Germany. Mehler have been manufacturing high quality textiles for over 60 years.  They don’t make anything other than top grade products.  There are many cheaper fabrics, particularly those produced in Asia which simply do not meet the True Kit standard and those expected by our customers. Valmex® costs around double the price of the common pvcs you typically see on inflatable boats.  This fabric is widely recognised as the best thermo-bondable fabric in the world and it has been extensively tested in the harshest conditions around the globe.  

Before you buy your inflatable boat, ask “is it Valmex®?”

Why thermo-weld the seams of the pontoons?

Research indicates that glued seams are usually the first point of failure on an inflatable boat.  This is typically due to a combination of reasons relating to the fabric itself and the glues used.  In contrast a thermo-bonded or thermo-welded seam results in a seam 4 times stronger than a glued seam.  The seam in fact becomes stronger than the fabric itself.  It is a mechanical bond as compared to a chemical bond.  Make sure your next inflatable boat has welded seams.

Why add rubbing protection to the bottom of True Kit inflatables?

As boaties ourselves we know how boats get used.  You arrive at the beach and the first thing you do is pull it up on the sand.  And hidden in that sand could be shells and rocks.  Without rubbing protection the life expectancy of your inflatable boat is significantly decreased.

What guarantee do you offer?

We offer a 5 year limited warranty on all our new generation boats.  Warranty terms can be found under the technical section. Actually, boats built with Valmex® 20 years ago can still be seen zipping around demonstrating exceptional long life expectancy.

Can you do custom one-off boats?

Yes we can do custom boats.  We realise we cannot cover all possibilities of what people may want.  Custom boats will naturally cost more and take a little longer but we are happy to discuss your project.

Where can I buy a True Kit inflatable?

True Kit now ship boats anywhere in the world.  To offer our customers the absolute best value for money, True Kit offer their boats for direct sale through the website.  A range of payment options are available including Pay Pal, Credit Card and Bank Transfer.

Do you have accessories I can buy?

Yes we have a range of accessories, including bow and seat bags, insulated fish bags, kayak trolleys and a range of Railblaza equipment.  We can also offer full packages including Honda outboard engines.  Check out our product pages and if you cannot find what you are looking for call us.

Valmex® or Hypalon?

Both are top quality fabrics and very resistant to a range of environmental factors.  However, we prefer to build our boats from German engineered Valmex as it can be thermo-welded whereas you can only glue hypalon seams, and as we discussed earlier the glued seam is the weak point on an inflatable boat.

Where are True Kit inflatables made?

True Kit use of a range of materials that we source from all over the globe!  This includes Valmex® from German and Railblaza from New Zealand. The boats are then manufactured at a state of the art facility in China.  This facility is one of a few top-class production facilities that has a range of welding equipment used by technicians trained in this difficult process.

Where are True Kit inflatables designed and tested?

Every one of our New Generation boats is an original design, and is put through it’s paces off the East Coast Bays of Auckland, New Zealand. 

Are inflatable boats suited to fishing?

Absolutely!  They are lightweight, stable and quiet making them fantastic fishing boats. We recommend that you leave the gaff at home and take the net, leave the knife in the car and take a decent pair of scissors and drop the fish straight into a fish bin. Our Tacticians are especially quiet on the water and don't spook the fish so they make a superb fishing platform.

Is an open or closed transom best?

We have extensively tested both and concluded that for most people most of the time, a closed transom is significantly better.  Closed transoms provided a much more rigid and safe platform for securing your valuable outboard engine.  Plus a closed transom keeps your feet dry and keep your gear in the boat!

What if I get a puncture?

True Kit inflatables have several air chambers for safety.  In the unlucky event that you get a puncture, all True Kit Inflatables come with a puncture repair kit.  Feel free to have a go yourself, or if you want an expert to do it, call us and we will happily recommend someone.

How do I care for my inflatable?

Give your boat a fresh water rinse when you are finished with it.  Dry it out before storing it.  Keep it out of the sun when you aren’t using it.  Call now and order one of our Inflatable Boat Care Packs - a high quality cleaner, marine mitt and protectant (by Aurora).

Can I buy a True Kit anywhere in the world?

Sure can!  We regularly get enquires from around the world.  Contact us through the website and we will secure the best freight rates possible.

How do I fold my True Kit inflatable for compact storage?

Your True Kit inflatable will come beautifully packed, so pay careful attention when you open the carton as to how it was packed at the factory - this is the best way for you to do it in the future.  One good tip is to deflate the tubes first and fold them in toward the centre using the inflated floor to fold the tubes around.  This provides a neat folding line on the tube and keeps the fabric floor nice and flat.  Once that is done, deflate the floor and carefully pull it out.  Next, fold the rear tube ends in around the transom and start rolling nice and tight from the back to the front.  Folding the last metre of bow inside the rolled up boat normally helps too.

What pressures should I inflate my boat to?

Inflate the tubes to 3.5psi and the high pressure floor to 10psi.  Correct pressures ensure your boat performs better and lasts longer.

Do True Kit inflatables make good tenders?

Being catamarans, all True Kit inflatables sit flat on the deck of your yacht.  This means no cradle is necessary saving valuable deck space.  All True Kit’s boats are more efficient than your average inflatable meaning only small outboards are necessary - this saves weight and fuel.  Yes, they make fantastic tenders!

Further information available in the Technical Section

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