True Kit Navigator - Ultimate Catamaran Yacht Tender


  • Unique New Zealand design
  • One of the lightest inflatable tenders
  • Incredibly stable, easy to stand up in
  • Super portable design, folds up into a bag
  • Just minutes to set up or pack-down
  • Tunnel-hull catamaran design efficiency means only small outboard needed
  • German Valmex® Fabric (by Mehler, making textiles for over 60 years)
  • Thermo-welded seams for long durability
  • NZ Railblaza RibPorts (low-profile - will hold your rod holders, fish finder, oars etc)
  • Quality aluminium lock-in seats
  • 2 Piece Aluminium Oars
  • External d-rings for towing
  • Internal d-rings for lifting and securing gear
  • Huge buoyancy and carrying capacity
  • Sits flat on the deck or the beach (perfect for beach landings)
  • 4 Separate air chambers (3 tubes + 1 floor)
  • Stow-away oar holders (these boats row well)
  • AirDeck with full EVA foam cover for grip and protection
  • Low wake, great for coaching and support of water sports
  • Great for fishing and diving
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • 3 Size options
  • Accessorisable with Padded Seat Bags, Navigator-design Insulated Fish Cooler (under seat), 12V Portable Electric Pumps, Railblaza transom mounts for rod holders
  • What's In The Box? - Boat, floor, 2 x Aluminium Seats, 2 x 2-piece Aluminium Oars, 2 Boat Bags, Foot Pump, Repair Kit

Read all about the Navigator in Boating New Zealand Magazine here.

Imagine a tender that is so light even the kids can carry or wheel it up and down the beach... let us introduce our True Kit Navigator.  Through tireless design, testing and refinement our best-selling tender offers a great solution for those tired of the back-breaking effort most tenders involve.  The secret is not just in the weight either, the catamaran tunnel-hull design offers 2 unique advantages over everything else - stunning performance and stand-on-the-tube stability.  The oversized tubes and generous beam provides the Navigator with the stability and safety that is important when you head out on the water.  

The Navigator is equally happy being rowed or powered by a small outboard.  While a firm favourite for use as a tender, the Navigator is also ideal as a motorhome accessory or a fishing or dive boat.  Wheels can be fitted to the transom to make it effortless to go from motorhome to the water.

What else makes the Navigator so popular?  They sit flat on the deck of your yacht (no paintwork damage) or the beach.  They produce minimal wake which makes them ideal as a coach/support vessel for water sports like rowing, kayaking, sailing and swimming.  With their huge carrying capacity you can really load the Navigators up with all your gear.  They row well and tow well too.  These folding inflatable boats pack away into a bag that will fit almost anywhere.

Every Navigator comes with oars that lock into the standard fitted Railblaza RibPorts.  When the oars aren't in use they can be securely stowed away on the inside of the tubes and rod holders can be fitted to the ports.  These RibPorts are low profile and unobtrusive and not uncomfortable to sit on like most tenders.  The aluminium seats lock in to the tubes and are ideal for securing padded seat bags and under-seat cooler bags.

Every True Kit Navigator is produced with the best inflatable technology available, including German-made Mehler Valmex® and thermo-welded pontoons.  Mehler have been producing the highest quality textiles for over 60 years, that's why we use their fabric.  What does this mean for you?  It's not the cheapest fabric, but it means you can head out on the water knowing we have your safety in mind.  Our high pressure Air Decks are extremely rigid and light, yet have fold-away convenience when stored.

Wheels can be fitted to the transom of the Navigator to make it effortless to get from the carpark to the water. 

 Model 250 300 350
Length 2500mm 3000mm 3500mm
Beam 1420mm 1700mm 1700mm
Tube Diameter 420mm 500mm 500mm
Inside Beam 580mm 700mm 700mm
Weight 25kg 31kg 34kg
Capacity 350kg 500kg 700kg
Seats 1 2 2
RibPorts 2 2 2
Floor High Pressure Air High Pressure Air High Pressure Air
Air Chambers (incl. floor) 4 4 4
Recommended HP 3 6 10
Maximum HP 5 10 15
Shaft Length S S S
Colour Classic Grey Classic Grey Classic Grey


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